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A sharp intake of breath. Your heart begins to beat a little faster. Eyes sparkle with interest and potential. Your spine straightens and your shoulders pull back.
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Inspirational insight - laughter makes me “feel good” and so according to my research- improves my emotional and physical wellbeing. So how do I laugh more?
466926ef-2651-4cb4-bb1c-36b498672c2e Image
We know more, have more and see more. But are we actually worse off?
3fe26df8-549b-4794-b7a4-acc90a142685 Image
The Universe can be a Bitch.
Today I make the decision to be fabulous.
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Life - The Result of your Habits
I am your constant companion. I am your greatest helper or heaviest burden. I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.
ff8cabfa-8fda-4af3-8ccc-a52086ea6827 Image
One Day that can make your Life Better.
What if every now and then you took a day? A day to slowly relax every muscle in your body, including your mind. A day to close your eyes and dream about nothing... or everything.
073d1711-8e1e-4ae5-99c6-b245f06bf2da Image
Is Your Morning Attitude Ruining Your Day
That first ten seconds can set the tone for your entire day. Does your day start something like this? Waking up with a heavy head, your body begging for a few more hours attached to the mattress. Motivation is so deficient it’s almost a dirty word.
40b2779f-ded0-48ed-a47e-6c12fa01e3ae Image
Cool People Doing Cool Things Interview
A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be featured on Cool People Doing Cool Things. Though nervous it was a great experience to share a little of myself and the thoughts behind meManagement.
ffddab10-6880-4efa-9648-8711bc9e9e3a Image
Hating on Mondays
As I roll over and remove IPad and notebook from my ribs, I fleetingly notice the sun streaming through the office blinds. Kind of pretty in hindsight. I haul my angry belligerent and highly resentful body out of bed and Monday begins.
9cfbf7aa-c6c0-4e8d-b3a5-c638171a790f Image
Can You Control Time?
Do you ever feel like there is never enough time in the day? Despite the fact that time is perhaps the most sought-after resource available for our use, most of us are dreadful at spending it wisely. If you control your time, you control your life.
8360a4fb-4261-44c1-8172-1d0082490376 Image
Soul Notes Interview - Ben Gumbleton
Today on Soul Notes we are catching up with beloved front man of the band BENJALU and newly emerging powerhouse BOO SEEKA - Ben Gumbleton.
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Clean Up Your Life in 4 Easy Steps
Is your life messy? These four steps can clean up the crap and give your life a new shine.
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Fail like a Boss
Failure brings many negatives thoughts to the table and it’s high time we recognise the potential and positive side of failure. Funny thing about failure is that it eventually gave me the strength, learning and motivation to actively make my life great.
470a5866-8578-4d38-bef9-5afed5c3fc8b Image
Twenty Ways to Make Your Home Happy
Your casa can elevate a great mood or enfold you into a mojo sucking whirlpool of doldrums. We have assembled a list of twenty ideas to get your abode feeling comfortable stress-free and loved up.
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Happy Soul Note Interview – Peta Serras
Happy Soul Note is an interview series showcasing wonderful people who have found inspired happiness through either their work, hobby or lifestyle. Be inspired with the wonderful Peta Serras.
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Get a FLOW State of Mind
FLOW - Total immersion in a task, a feeling of complete concentration, and losing track of the outside world.
37497194-6418-4c1f-bbfd-033b4cfb8380 Image
Have We Forgotten How to Dream
I asked my 4 year old son what he wanted to be when he grew up. What ensued was troubling decision of Dragon Trainer, Firefighter, a Chef in Daddy’s restaurant or a superhero.. but then we wouldn’t have time to play Lego. Complete dream freedom!
de011e82-8713-4da3-9442-580ea1b2298b Image
Gentle Start
The New Year can bring so much excitement and positive energy. We see the opportunity for a fresh start sparkling on the horizon. There are plans afoot and new goals blossoming in the fresh air of the New Year.
2fa87413-c6c0-4f5c-8e61-e4ba6a698a40 Image
Stop Relax and Listen
We are too damn busy. You can determine the type of culture we have become by listening to the responses to the simple question “how are you?”
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Gift your way to Happiness
One of the most frustrating things in the world is wanting to help but not knowing how. You see someone who needs help or deserves so much more… but what can you really do?
58c8a514-a5af-4b96-9920-b3d2e6d28703 Image
My Love Affair - with food
There can be so much joy and satisfaction gained from consuming mouth-watering delightful morsels of food. That first bite ecstasy followed by furious nodding of agreement.
a1542a20-1edf-4127-a083-e6366cd4bc64 Image
Vent It
You are pissed off, resentful and just flat-out angry. Your stomach acid bubbles with fury, your heart beats like a war drum. Hands tremble as the adrenalin reaction of fight or flight hits your system
f4d9ca91-ed11-4eb5-ba70-b90c290b462b Image
Love your Inner Dork
Dork: Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.
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Sort Shit Out List
You know when you are in that funk and all you see is grey. You’re lucky to come out from under the covers let alone get handle on what life is throwing at you.
08904efc-6726-461e-8b87-a5971ad3e95e Image
J.K Rowling inspired me today
I come across this speech delivered by J.K. Rowlings to a Harvard graduation class. The words sparked something inside of me and I had to share it with you today.
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Family Love
I witnessed my grandfather say goodbye to his brother today. My mother fixed the collar on his funeral suit and fussed that he had a clean hankie in his pocket. Their matching grey eyes glassy with tears.
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Exercise is not My Time – Unless it is.
You know that stats. Exercise makes you mentally and physically healthy. Extend your life by ten years with thirty minutes of exercise a day… Strength training does… Cardio work will give you…. Interval training shows your…
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Can you change your life?
Are we scared of change? Is it the fear of failure, fear of the unknown or possibly just being a little lazy (gasp we won’t admit that one out loud).
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It’s time we talked…
Good Times … Bad Times… Freaking Excellent Times… Heartbreaking Tearful Times. What do all these “times” have in common? Simply - talking makes them better!
e7f96af5-28ae-4ee0-9120-dda2301b9f89 Image
Wholly Crap and Hello there!
So nervous, so excited, so scared, so empowered and soooo happy. Welcome to the first MeManagement blog post. There is so much I want to share, explain and tell you, to the point I’m bursting at the verbal seams. So I will start with small. Yep small!