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Never before have we had access to so much information.  In our recent history there has been many amazing technological advances that have impacted our day-to-day activity. Our environs are constantly being enhanced as we strive for a better quality of life. We know more, have more and see more.


But are we actually worse off?


Is our busy technologically advanced existence impeding the happy lifestyle we want?


We work longer hours, though never seem to be done. We are busier than ever before. Think of our standard response to “How have you been?”

Even our children have so many must do activities!


The treadmill spins faster and faster as the little white mouse races to the unreachable finish line. 

Are we like that little white mouse?  


Do we feel:


Like we are on a treadmill and can’t get off?

Living too fast?


Do we have:

Days of hurry and worry?

Hours spent in front of a screen?

Endless online communication 24/7?

Minimal meaningful communication?

Poor work life balance?

Experiences of impatience and anxiety?



Is this you? Did you answer yes to some if not all of the questions?

It certainly is characteristic of my life and many of those around me.

Remember Time is a constant, there are still 24 hours in a day. You need to control your hours.



It is time to Practice MeManagement and Discover your My Time


The key is to pick the ideas that you can (and want) to apply, then take action and make them work.


A plan without action is a day dream;

Action without a plan is a nightmare


Recovery Actions:

Keep a time journal.

Re-evaluate priorities (honestly without guilt.)

Take a daily dose of walking outside in nature.

Make room for silence.  

Create an environment of harmony and gratitude.

Create a space for the melodies of life.


Your biggest time wasters

Human nature – we are disorganised, procrastinate or easily distracted.

Environmental factors – taking on unnecessary work, maintain inefficient work flow, allow interruptions.

Poor organisational skills - inability to prioritise, set goals, communicate clearly, delegate.


Minimise your time wasters

Avoid procrastination.

Delegate tasks.

Organise work space.

Behave assertively but always politely.

Practice better communication.


Maximise your time through planning

Prioritise tasks according to importance and urgency.

Plan to be effective (achieve planned results) and efficient (best use of time).


Take Action

Decide on the results you want.

Create options and solutions.

Set goals.

Take action.

Measure the results.

Reward yourself.


Once time was marked by the passing of the seasons. Today we have minute parcels of available time. Make an effort to recognise your time as a valuable commodity. Spend it wisely.


2 Hot Time Tips

Using Our Energy Cycle - Organise your daily work tasks according to your energy cycle.  Some people have their energy peak in the morning, others during the evening.  Plan to maximise your use of time by tapping into your energy level.


Getting Our Children to do their chores - I spoke with two young mothers yesterday to see how they managed the family time.  Both listed getting children to complete tasks was their greatest time waster. One beautiful lady said with a look of consternation I do it myself and get it done in half the time but that’s not the right way.  Now this is time for those difficult “p’s” - Patience and Persistence.  The investment in your time now creates future time for you.

The other lovely mum explained she has a colour coded weekly schedule of chores on her fridge.  She says it works well because each child knows exactly what they have to do and when it must be done.


Personally I find that act of watching birds land on my deck, taking a photograph of the amazing sunset or listening to my little one’s imaginative tales of drama and mayhem profoundly healing.


How do you heal your busy soul?




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Glendowyn Evans on August 30, 2015
Absolutely brilliant writing and advice Bev. I will advise a few of mine to read this, they NEED to. Loved "A plan without action is a daydream, Action without a plan is a nightmare" that should be on a plaque, for many to have and read daily. See what you can do about that and I'll order a few. Looking forward to reading more Beverly Kay. Thank you. Glenda.