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Can you change your life?


Are we scared of change? Is it the fear of failure, fear of the unknown or possibly just being a little lazy (gasp we won’t admit that one out loud).


We are creatures of habit. It is so easy to take the familiar path and stay in the safe binds of routine. Falling back on excuses like “I am not good enough, that will never happen to me” or “I will work on it when I have more time”. Sound familiar?


But do we get what we really want without taking decisive action towards change?


Take a second to have a good look at your life in a simple big picture.

You have the family in one corner, the house and car up there, the career and job prospects down there, your friends and influences there and hobbies in that spot and smack in the middle is your dreams.

How does your picture look? Happy and content with it? Maybe a bit proud and smiling, maybe a little worried or even disappointed.

Now imagine if that picture is exactly the same in five years’ time. Would you still feel the same?


We need to grow, develop and move to feel like we have progressed in life.

To feel the satisfaction of achievement we must make conscious changes to our path.


The key here is to make an invested decision in how or what you will change.

Don’t leave it to the fate of the daily grind.

Don’t wait and see what happens.

Don’t be too busy that you look back at the years that have escaped you and feel remorse.

Don’t be scared that you won’t succeed.

Don’t let fear keep you anchored to a place you don’t love.


CHANGE to make the life that you want. This is where you get to be your bravest bad-arse self and go after your dreams.

(I just inspired myself and need to go and review my Bucket List Book straight after writing this post.)


Change is broken into a number of phases.

The Unaware Phase where we plod along with no recognition of the potential for bigger things.

The Denial Phase where we refuse to believe that we need to or even think we have the potential to change.

The Oh Crap Phase where every scaredy-cat thought runs circles around your mind.

The Game Changer of Acceptance Phase – this is the turning point where we know it, we accept it and we commit to doing it. We may be a scared but we are ready to take the challenge.

The Planning Phase is where we map out how the hell we are going to do this. Careful of overwhelm here, very easy to regress.

The Doing Phase where you get to kick it.

And we must MUST include the Recognition Phase where you get to high five yourself for your incredible effort. Big fan of the reward treat here.


I dreamed for a long time that one day I would run my own business. A business that I would passionately love so much that I would dance into the office and forget that this was actually my job.

I changed and made that dream actually happen. You can too.

Now sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes and explore these questions in your mind. What do you want? Where do you want to be? What life do you want to live?


Move out of your Unaware Phase and recognise your potential.


Embrace change.  You got this!


Emma xx


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Beverley Hughed on September 24, 2014
Dear Emma, I was so inspired by reading your latest Me Management Newsletter I just had to leave a comment. I would like to share with you that on my 63rd birthday I am choosing to make changes in my life. Your inspiration is awesome. I have been to the planning phase many times but it is the doing stage of change that has been the big hurdle. It is so easy to out off action until later. Today is action day. Thank you, you are awesome. Bev

Richelle Ervine on September 23, 2014
I took the quick op to check my emails this morning and I'm glad I did! After reading your blog about making changes in your life, has left me with a feeling of empowerment. What a great way to face the day! Thanks Emma. Regards Richelle