Exercise is not My Time – Unless it is. Image
Exercise is not My Time – Unless it is.


You know the stats. Exercise makes you mentally and physically healthy. Extend your life by ten years with thirty minutes of exercise a day… Strength training does… Cardio work will give you…. Interval training shows your…


There is no doubt that when you’re done you feel better. I have friends who have changed their lives by utilising the power of exercise. The benefits of exercise are undeniable. But if you don’t love your chosen form of exercise then you will not reap the full potential benefits of getting sweaty.


We can turn the wholly grail of exercise into an angst guilt driven chore.


Aerobics, running and gyms etc. have never interested me. I have never had that driven obsession to done the tights and sneakers at 5am to streak down the running path. I confess that I prefer to snuggle under the doona whilst sneaking an extra chapter of my book.

I have jealousy regarded my fit friends with a guilty laziness.


So I don’t love exercise. I admit it!!


BUT I do love and have loved the following:

Having a bad day and pounding my fists into a boxing bag.

Feeling the surge of hell yeah as I match medicine ball throws with the toughest fit chick I know.

Hiking five extraordinary days to arrive at the breathtaking Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail.

Finding inner calm and strength as I practice Vinyasa yoga sequence.

Trekking four days into the mountains to visit the hill tribe villages of Chang Mai.

Fighting the current as I swim towards shore after a long dive.

Enjoying great conversation as hubby and I walk our husky around the harbour.

Going on a Bike ride to the park for a picnic with the cutest 3 year old in town.

The sun on my shoulders as I dig my toes into the warm sand and stretch into warrior pose.

Digging for hours around my vegetable garden


These activities for me are awesome feel-good My Time.


The thing about exercise is that you must have an emotional connection to the activity to really enjoy yourself.


It is only more recently that I have committed to practicing yoga diligently. Yoga has been an incredible game-changer in maintaining both my physical and mental health. I can’t wait to get on the mat and start a session. I achieve a stillness of thought as I focus only on my breath and the movement. I get the same feeling of mental relief from yoga as I did from hours pouring my heart out on the couch.


We all need to find a form of exercise that we do for pleasure not just activity.


If you love to run then get on the track. If you love to smash a cross fit class then get to it. If the ocean calls you for a swim surf or dive, jump in! Don’t waste time sweating it out if you don’t love it.


Once we remove the chore driven exercise that we don’t really enjoy, we can then commit to regular serotonin boosting physical activity. The one’s you love that also happen to help you achieve a healthier and happy mind.


Over the years I have tried loads of different sports, classes and exercises. There is an incredible amount of things that you can do get your heart rate up. Here are some great activities to inspire you:


Gardening, Walking to work, Running, Walking, Bike Riding, Yoga, Zumba, Dancing, Surfing, Hiking, Skating, Gym classes, Making love, Boxing, Martial arts, Cross-fit, Personal Trainer sessions, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Rowing, Scuba, Stand Up Paddle Board, Team Sports, Weight lifting, Kayaking, Tennis, Golf, Pilates, Spring cleaning the house, Building and renovating, Scooting/skateboarding, Play with the animals, Touch football, Beach walks, Bush hiking, Travel, Sightsee on foot, Play a rocking instrument, Active video games, Wrestle/Tickle and a million other activities that can warm the muscles.


As with everything we all have different tastes. There is an activity out there just for you.


Adjust your mindset a little and don’t exercise as a chore. Exercise because you searched and found an activity that you love.


Then it can be your My Time.


Emma xx

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