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The New Year can bring so much excitement and positive energy. We see the opportunity for a fresh start sparkling on the horizon. There are plans afoot and new goals blossoming in the fresh air of the New Year.


Soak this up people!!!!!

Feel those good feelings.


Whilst we are flying high on the good vibes it’s a great time to set a few nurturing goals for yourself this year.

Tempting as it may be to go large with the resolutions, there are definitely benefits to recognising the small self-care goals we can do in the name of feel-good.



My Time

Schedule time for yourself.  Simply make and take the time to do something that makes you feel good. This planned My Time provides you with the energy, positive outlook and a better emotional stability to best deal with a busy lifestyle. Use the time to do activities that make you happy.


Curl up in your favourite chair with a good book, do a yoga session, spend some time on your hobbies, plan your next adventure or better yet – have that adventure.


You get the idea; if it makes you happy then take time out to do it. Often!



Delight your palate and nourish your body. It’s time to fill your fridge with healthy whole foods and get your water bottle out. Don’t complicate your life with unreasonable diets or strict food regimes. (Seek the help of a professional dietician of you feel you need advice.)


Simply make a choice to enjoy healthy food most of the time. Your body and your mind will thank you for it.


Ask Questions

You have some wonderful people in your life that care about you. Spend time with them regularly and engage in wonderful conversation. Ask questions and listen. Learn more about these people that you have chosen to be part of your life.


We can be guilty of spending too much time complaining or talking about our own lives that we miss this wonderful opportunity. Be asking, engaging, we create stronger relationships by being genuinely interested in these wonderful people.


Ask your mum about her childhood. Ask your best friend about her house plans. Ask your husband about his project. Ask your sister about her funniest mum moments. Ask your grandfather about his years. Ask your children what makes them laugh. Ask your friend where she wants to go and adventure. Ask Terry at the corner shop what he did on the weekend.


Enjoy – Even the not so good stuff

Take the resentment out of tasks. Chores have to be done so just get in and do them. Better yet enjoy them. Music can be a great mood enhancer so pick a motivating soundtrack to your chores and jump in. Use the time doing the more mundane tasks to think and plan your new adventures. Some of the best plans come to light whilst hanging out the washing.


Bring in extra hands for help and enjoyable company. Scheduling can be the key to reducing stress and anxiety. By having a set time of day for tasks you not only get the achievement of getting them done, you also get more time for fun.


Choose a New Tude

Start the New Year with the right mindset. Attitude is a choice, so remember it can be a hard decision to make sometimes but by having the strength to choose a positive approach you will be a stronger happier person.


When you open your eyes each morning have a quick mental check-in and decide how you will position yourself for the best outlook. Quiet any negative thoughts and make sure your posture is set for open positive view.



Self-care is so important though often overlooked or forgotten when we are thinking about a New Year resolutions.


Be gentle on yourself with your goals.


By starting small you allow yourself room to grow whilst minimising the pressures. Read more about the Power of Small here.


This is also a great time to reflect on the year that was. Take a little time to think back to the people places and times that made you smile and laugh. Celebrate the highs and learn from the lows. Look at yourself and gently recognise your last twelve months.


Happy New Year lovelies.

May 2015 bring you Happiness and Adventure.


Please share your self-care goals in the comments below.


Emma xx



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Jaime on January 16, 2015
This is the first year I HAVENT made New Years resolutions! I'm starting Gentle Emma like you suggest in a hope of maintaining some of my goals . Easing in, slowly does it! I'm being smart about it and planning a lot of Me Time 😃