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One of the most frustrating things in the world is wanting to help but not knowing how. You know someone who needs help or deserves so much more… but what can you really do?


This week I received an email that rocked my world. 




Dear Emma


I needed to tell you about the response I got when I gave my friend a gift pack from your business. My friend has three children all under 10. As I’m sure you know, being a mum is hard work with one let alone three. Other than our sometimes catch ups she rarely goes out. She shrugs it off most of the time but recently she has just looked miserable and tired. I wanted to do something to help.  

After seeing the MeManagement planner on Facebook and after a visit to the website I thought your product might help her.

Your big pack, Inspire I think it’s called, has had a significant impact on her life. I gave her the pack about a month ago. We caught up for lunch yesterday and I had to tell you how different our conversation was.

We talked about relaxing, she actually booked a permanent fortnightly massage. Filling in her Bucket List book was a laugh as we discussed how two older ducks like us still have so much to do. The best bit she told me - her husband now makes sure she fills in the planner each week so he knows what to do and most importantly how to help without asking!

After lunch she gave me the biggest hug and said thank you for helping to find her old self again.

So this is me saying thank you for creating an awesome stationery range, thank you for giving me a gift to help someone so important to me and thank you for helping my friend.

Yours sincerely



This email was one of the best messages that I have received since starting MeManagement.


To know we were able to assist a friend to help a friend, help a mum to find the plan to happiness, help a husband to help his wife and make this little business owner feel like it is all worth it is just brilliant! And not confusing at all.

This got me thinking more about our gift packs or more importantly the power of gift.



The Facts


Scientific research shows that giving to others can be good for your health and happiness. There are huge amounts of research and studies out there supporting the benefits of being generous.

Evidence shows that doing good things or giving to others without any expectation of reward – known as behaving altruistically – can give you better physical and mental health and even help you live longer.

Social psychologist Elizabeth Dunn of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada explains -

“The effects of altruistic spending are probably akin to those of exercise ….which can have immediate and long-term effects. Giving once might make a person happy for a day, but if it becomes a way of living, then it could make a lasting difference."


A study was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of San Francisco, Calif.-based crowdfunding platform Razoo. The results indicate that giving can have a large positive emotional influence on a person.


The majority of respondents (60 percent) reported feeling hope that they are making a difference, followed by feeling satisfied (48 percent), good about themselves (43 percent), and excited (28 percent). The only negative emotions reported still put giving in a positive light. For example, 17 percent felt frustrated because they wished they could give more, while 6 percent felt guilty they had what others do not. Only 6 percent of respondents said they have never given to those in need.


45 percent of the respondents said that giving provided them the most pleasure, ranking behind being in love (56 percent) and hugging their children (48 percent).


Giving is often not of the material form but rather giving time and effort through volunteering. One of the many benefits of volunteering is that it promotes good mental health.


 A large review of over 40 studies on the effect of volunteering on general health and happiness was published in the journal BMC Public Health. The results showed that volunteering not only improves well-being and life satisfaction, but it's also linked with decreased depression and a lower risk of dying early.



You need to give…. Yes you!



It is a mark of a healthy happy life to have the want to give - to yourself, your friends, family, and others whom you meet every day. Basically, giving makes you feel good.


Giving must not involve any of the following:

Giving away your power or sense of self

Giving anything to the point of pain or resentment.

Giving out of a sense of obligation, coercion, or guilt.


Remember it doesn't necessarily have to be money that you are giving. It is great to have enough money to be able to give away many material gifts, but even without wealth, your time, energy, love and friendship are treasured present.


Helping your friends and loved ones can be one of the greatest sources of happiness.



MeManagement top 20 Gift Ideas


  1. Take a day off to hang out with someone who needs it – just to be there with them.

  2. Donate to a charity that you can identify with.

  3. Cook a special meal for a friend.

  4. Run a bath with bubbles candles and music for a loved one.

  5. Help a colleague finish a task.

  6. Offer to help a friend renovate, garden, build, clean or move house.

  7. Take your mum and dad out to lunch.

  8. Donate blood.

  9. Shout a holiday or buy a picnic hamper for lunch in the park.

  10. Volunteer.

  11. Help clean a struggling mum’s house.

  12. Volunteer to babysit.

  13. Buy flowers for someone you care about.

  14. Plan a special occasion – for no reason

  15. Do that special thing you know that special someone will love.

  16. Give a random big smoochie to your loved one and tell them they rock.

  17. Visit your grandparents and stay for a long chat.

  18. Support an adventure goal (maybe even get the ball rolling).

  19. Buy a piece of clothing for someone just because you think they would look great in it.

  20. Buy a MeManagement Gift Pack (you know I had to put it in there!)



We hope that you feel inspired to give yourself the ultimate Happy Hit by giving to another. Share with the world and relish the feeling of being a giver – just because you can.


“Never get tired of doing little things for others. Sometimes, those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.”

- Unknown -


Please leave a comment below and tell us what gift idea you have.


Emma xx


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