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Happy Soul Note Interview – Peta Serras


Happy Soul Note is an interview series showcasing wonderful people who have found inspired happiness through either their work, hobby or lifestyle. Be inspired.


Today on the Blog we are talking with the inspirational not to mention exceptionally hard working Peta Serras


Peta is a multipassionate woman describing herself as a dreamer, full-time professional babe, Pilates instructor and writer.


Peta’s full-time job sees her running her own successful Pilates studio Pilates Evolution Now whilst also working on her other businesses including blog petaserras.com and the just launched Professional Babe. Peta is also a regular contributor to some of Australia’s most popular health and fashion magazines including Marie Claire, Shop, body+soul, White, Vogue, Womens Health & Fitness, Good Health, Mind Food and Womens Fitness.


Other than being accomplished businesswoman and model Peta sports of fabulous attitude empowering women to feel healthy, happy and hot!   


I’ll usually choose a martini over a green juice, a sacred sleep-in over a bootcamp session and I still have days where I’m feeling a little ‘blah’ (admit it, we all have days where a great book in the sunshine is better than any work waiting for us). I’m a huge foodie and I love how a little bite of something sweet can feel like heaven in your mouth. I have a passion and zest for life and I believe that making people smile is what helps to create a better world for all of us. I love interpretive dancing, I can often be seen drinking water out of a martini glass, wearing my sunglasses as a headband and stretching in the middle of the supermarket. Peta


Peta’s modelling career has seen her grace the pages of many magazines including Australian Vogue. After ranging in weight from size 6 to 16 Peta has developed a healthy attitude to food, mental health and treating myself like a best friend. Peta has produced a best-selling Pilates Stretching DVD that is now shipped internationally and has a strong following.


MM: When are you happiest and why?

PS: Is it funny I have trouble narrowing down when I am my happiest?! There are so many things!

I absolutely love setting business goals and smashing them. I’m so happy when I achieve things that I’ve been working towards and they just fall into place perfectly.

I’m also my happiest when I’m in the kitchen creating and cooking. I absolutely love food! I guess I have a huge emotional connection to it coming from a Greek background and being heavily involved with my family with cooking. It’s my favourite past time.

On the other end of the spectrum I would also have to say moving and exercising. There’s something so delightful about strolling along the beach or dancing in your lounge-room!


MM: What has been your biggest challenge?

PS: Keeping motivation or momentum. When you own a business it’s very easy to put in 100% and only get 20% back. Sometimes this can be a little disheartening especially when you put your heart and soul into what you do.

Having a history of depression, I sometimes fear going back to that place so it can be a struggle to keep a positive upbeat mindset.


MM: Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by absolutely anyone who is driven and passionate. It could be about business or life or their family and friends. Passionate people have this infectious zest for life and I love being around them!


MM: How do you stay motivated?

PS: In business and life I always have very clear goals. When I’m having a bad day I try to focus on the end result and how good that will feel when I’ve achieved it.


MM: How do you deal with a bad day?

PS: I’ll head to Pinterest and do something mindless like pinning recipes I want to make or pictures I love. Depending on the time of day I will head to the beach and attempt to walk it off or even take myself out to a café for a cup of tea.


MM: Where is your happy place?

PS: My happy place is anywhere with amazing food, a great vibe and my notebook. I feel very at home in the buzz of a café working away with a cup of tea.


MM: What’s your Top 5 on your Bucket List?

PS: I’m lucky to have achieved a few things on there already, but this is what I am currently working towards this year!

1. Buy a Chanel handbag

2. Road trip around Australia – we have so many cool places to visit in this beautiful country!

3. Be successful enough in my business to purchase a beautiful beachside apartment

4. Choreograph my own burlesque dance routine and jump out of a cake – seriously!!!

5. See Lana Del Rey in concert.


MM: What advice would you give to your 18yr old self?

PS: To trust my intuition and believe in myself! I was so unsure and had so much self-doubt. If only I knew what I know now I would have achieved a lot!


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