Hating on Mondays Image
Hating on Mondays


“Muuuuummmm I want breakfast”. Definitely the most painfully whinny, akin to rusty nails on glass windows, voice that a four year old can master to perfection.


“Mum get uuuuuupppp, I’m huuuuungry”


As I roll over and remove the iPad and notebook from my ribs, I fleetingly notice the sun streaming through the office blinds. Kind of pretty in hindsight.


I haul my angry belligerent and highly resentful body out of bed and Monday begins.


Make breakfast, iron clothes, make beds, clean up kitchen, put washing on, scribble notes for next blog post, feed dog, respond to social media adverts, clean teeth, present cheek for kiss as husband runs out the door, organise todays product orders, shower and dress four year old, organise mum to babysit, read workshop notes, clean up dog poo…



I’m so tired.

I have so much to do.

I’m so busy.

Why can’t someone else help me?

Why the hell am I doing this to myself?

Why can’t my child be a quiet bookworm who can make his own breakfast?

I hate…..


Stand in front of mirror and stop. WHAT THE HELL!


It is only 8.15am and I am having a FREAKING HORRIBLE day.


I spend a lot of time telling every person I know - to have a healthy happy life you must take action.

Your life does not become fulfilling and inspiring by going through the day with a (yep I’m calling it!) shit attitude.




So as I give myself stink eye in the mirror my son walks in. Gives my thigh a squeezy hug and tells me my hair make me look like a lion.






We have a bubble bath (at 9am!) and play races with his bath toys. Yoga clothes on and our mats are lined up side by side on the floor. Great session (even the toy truck placed under my shoulders whilst in Fish Pose didn’t break my momentum.)  A Bike ride to park with great workout on the equipment whilst he plays. Ice cream treat on the way home.

So I sit here now at the computer, feeling fresh and very content.


I choose for this day to be awesome.

I choose how I will react.

I choose to be happy.


I take the action needed.

Do you?


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Bev Hughes on April 29, 2015
love your post Emma, it made me smile and then laugh out loud about the toy truck under your shoulder during the Fish Pose. You inspire me to make positive choices to change my reactions. just brilliant.

Clarissa on April 28, 2015
I can so relate! And love your honesty in 'restarting' Monday- it is all about our attitude!