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Is Your Morning Attitude Ruining Your Day


That first ten seconds can set the tone for your entire day.


Does your day start something like this?


Waking up with a heavy head, your body begging for a few more hours attached to the mattress. Motivation is so deficient it’s almost a dirty word.


 10 seconds...... Crap.


Stumble into the kitchen for a lack lustre bowl of something. Getting ready with tragic thoughts of bad hair day karma and serious “to-iron or not-to-iron” debate. Terse apathetic conversation fill the house as time ticks faster.


30 minutes...... crap but functioning.


Getting a little scary and wild-eyed as you run from one end of the house to the other in a whirlwind of disorganised gathering, doing and hollering.


45 minutes..…. crap and willing the day to end.



Seriously, how can we do this day after day and expect to feel great. This is the start of a dead-end day.

But can we consciously make the choice to have a great day from the get go?

We are not talking the pom-pom waving, crazy smiling, way-too-high on life type of attitude. This is about being practical and taking action to start your with a positive attitude. A few ideas from the MeManagement desk.

It’s time to for morning attitude maintenance!



20 Actions to start your day the right way.


1. Get ready the night before.

Preparation is the key to calm. Organise your clothes, breakfast, bag and schedule the evening before. Ten minutes effort in the evening will help start your day with an organised and positive mindset.


2. Have a great breakfast.

Food is crucial fuel and energy for our bodies and without it we spend the day stumbling around in a fog and fighting off a headache and a bad attitude. Breakfast is literally just that, breaking the fast that your body is in from the night before.

The consumption of an early morning snack increases the metabolic rate (how fast you burn calories) and kick starts your body into gear, telling it what to expect the rest of the day. Start the day with not only nutrition in mind, but also a delicious meal to start your day. A great granola, eggs on toast, chia porridge, nutrient dense juices and smoothies. All about flavour and healthy energy.


3. Get a good night’s sleep.

Turn screen’s off at least a half hour before you head to bed. Indulge in a warm non-caffeinated drink to promote that sleepy state. Aim for a good seven hours of sleep to refuel the body. A big favourite is to create a bedroom haven that promotes rest and relaxation. Clean linen, tidy room, no electronic lights and a comfortable temperature. Night Night.


4. Have something to look forward to - Plan My Time.

There is nothing worse to waking up to a day of monotony and work. Have a plan to fit some feel-good activity in. Be it some exercise, hobby time or a phone call to a friend. As long as it makes you feel good - it’s a great idea!


5. Interact with the people in your household positively.

Don't be the house grump. You’re not only starting your day badly, you are potentially ruining someone else's.


6. Exercise.

Get the blood pumping. Not only do you reap all the benefits of exercise (getting fit & healthy plus getting a natural serotonin boost) but you get the added satisfaction of achieving a full work out before your day has even begun.


7. Clean your teeth as soon as you get up.

Getting minty fresh not only refreshes the mouth but also the attitude. Plus it makes for much better interaction with the rest of the house members.


8. Sip your cup - slowly.

Mornings can be rushed and stressful. Stop and enjoy your morning cuppa. A great time practice mindfulness or plan your actions.


9. Have a plan for the day - a realistic one that sets you up to win.

Don’t overload your schedule so that you hit the wall of overwhelm before the day even begins. Be real about not only what you can achieve, but also what you actually want to do (see number 4.)


10. Tackle the challenges early.

Feel motivated to get the challenging agenda items done early. This way you can enjoy the rest of the day knowing you have handled your business.


11. Get up early so you have more time to find your groove.

Rushing does not promote a good vibe. By jumping out of bed an hour earlier you will have time to address those drama's (think the bad hair day karma) with an unhurried calm approach. You also get to fit in some feel-good time to further invest in your good morning attitude.


12. Get yourself a morning Jam (not the on toast variety).

Just try to frown while listening to upbeat songs, we dare you! Jamming out can help reduce stress—which leads to greater happiness in general. Plus, listening to music with the goal and desire to become happier may actually lead to greater happiness than simply listening for the sake of listening. So the next time you pump up the volume, keep that positive intention in mind, you may just find yourself smiling a little wider.


13. Watch/listen to the news then turn the TV off.

It’s great to feel up to date with current affairs and local news, just don't get caught up watching diatribes of often negative talk. Get your news then move on.


14. Give your pet some love.

Don't just fill the bowl and head back inside. This creature loves you and is craving a little affection and attention. The great part is that they want to show you the same love in return.


15. Spend the time to look and feel great.

It is hard to feel crap when you look fabulous. Put in the effort and feel your mood lift.


16. Enjoy physical contact.

Starting your day with a cuddle is the perfect feel-good start. Take a minimum of twenty seconds to close your eyes and wrap your arms around that wonderful person your life.

I'm not talking about a polite, A-shaped hug. I mean a hip-to-hip, really holding each other bear hug. Why must it last 20 seconds? Because that's how long it takes for your oxytocin to kick in (otherwise known as "the cuddle hormone") which gives you that delightful feeling that all is right with the world (and your relationship).


17. Be mindful.

There is more than one way to practice mindfulness, but the goal of any mindfulness technique is to achieve a state of alert, focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment. This allows the mind to refocus on the present moment. All mindfulness techniques are a form of meditation.


18. Hydrate early.

The body becomes dehydrated overnight, it is especially important to drink sufficient water in the morning. You will feel less hungry and experience fewer headaches later in the day by drinking in the early morning.


19. Clean up your environment.

You will feel much better about returning home after a big day if you know that you have left the house tidy and welcoming. You will also feel more organised and ready to move onto the tasks of the day. Tidy environment – tidy mindset.


20. Put a post-it next to your bed to remind yourself to choose a good attitude for today.



There will always be bad starts or reoccurring Monday-itis, but with a little forethought and commitment to proactively change your routine for the better, bad starts can be a thing of the past.


This is your opportunity to make your day, and life, better.

Be responsible for your attitude.

Call it when its crap and make a plan for change.




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