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Love your Inner Dork


Dork: Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks.


To clarify a bit further –

Obvious, exuberant, unfashionable, twee, un-self-conscious, possibly cringe-worthy yet delightfully charming, a Dork can evoke a vulnerability with pure honesty.


You know that smile you get on your face when the thought you have just had is hilarious.

You know how you think that “You can’t touch this” is one of the greatest songs of all time followed by Hanson’s MMMM Bop.

You know how you can’t say the word anaesthetist without sounding like your three year old. And you laugh out loud every time you try.

You know how no one laughs at your favourite joke but you’re chuckling before hitting the punchline (for the fourteenth time).

You know how you can dance better than Beyoncé in the kitchen all alone.


Then you know how to Embrace your inner dork!



The incredible benefits of Dorkdom.


Don’t take life too seriously – We can all be guilty of getting too caught up in the heavy day to day affairs. The weight of chores, jobs, relationships and finances can by crushing. By taking a step back and partaking in a little silly behaviour we can adjust the mindset for a better life journey.


Put it all into perspective – some silly behaviour often can take the intensity out of the moment. A laugh can be like a good cry or unload. You relieve the stress, refocus with fresh eyes and go for it.


Enjoy life – no laughs equals a sad life.


Change your mood – A little dorky behaviour can snap a bad mood swiftly. Absolutely no one is able to keep a bad vibe whilst showcasing Hammertime.


Inspire Others – Dorkness can go viral. Your giggle can infect the darkest corners of a sad soul.


Relax the crowd - Help to take the tenseness out of an interactions by laughing harder at your nervous laugh-snort. Share a little story about that time you went to Dorktown. Other’s will appreciate your ability to not take the world too seriously. You will be downright relatable, inspiring and a welcome presence.


Increase your immunity – Yes you read it here folks. Finding your inner dork will kill the common cold… kind of. Laughter increases the number of anti-body producing cells and enhances the effectiveness of killer T-cells. This means a stronger immune system; fewer physical effects of stress induced immune suppression.


Connection – when the laughter dies down and you look into the eyes of your fellow dork in arms there is a bond. A bond created by brilliant selfless carefree funnies.


Support - As you do battle with the stress armada your dork army will be your strength and grounding power. Get together with your friends often and have some fun. There are so many benefits of having a laugh with those you care for. Not just for you but for them as well. We are all collectively guilty of being too busy, uptight and stressed.



Dork Inspiration


Our Inner Dork can sometimes go missing (often with our inner-child but that’s another blog post). To reignite and rouse your dorkiture we have some great inspiration.


The Dorkiest Celebrity’s and Characters


Zooey Deschanel – The New Girl star is just adorkable. Oblivious, a little awkward, quirky personality matched only by her quirky fashion Style.


Mindy Kaling – Her character on The Office is eccentric and self-involved. And Mindy is one of the show’s top writers. Takes passion to deliberately make one’s self look that silly. Also have to give kudos to her hilarious memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns).


Kristen Wiig – Best known for her roles as Annie – the hapless bridesmaid - in the hit movie Bridesmaids. Kristen actually wrote the screenplay for the movie that had us in stitches with laughter. Her self-depreciating hysterical comedy is brilliantly showcased as a regular on Saturday Night Live.


Jonathan “J.D” Dorian (Scrubs) – a guy lost in his own thoughts, J.D’s fantasies are things of legend. JD embodies everything that makes a dork. Imagination, sense of humour, guts and audacity.


Carlton (Fresh Price of Belair) - Carlton is highly intelligent, but sometimes annoying, naive, and cringingly arrogant. He dresses in a preppy style, his favorite singer is Tom Jones, and his idol is Macaulay Culkin. The “carlton dance” is an all-time dork favorite.


The Dorkiest Songs

If this song comes on the radio when someone else is with you, you may be tempted to switch off. But when you’re alone - crank the volume, sing your heart out and tap the ankles, swing those arms whilst giving the best click fingers ever.


Hammertime – MC Hammer

Im Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers

Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go – Wham!

It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls or Gerry Halliwell

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Every Rose Has Its Thorn – Poison

Hold On – Wilson Phillips (best performance at the end of the movie Bridesmaids)

MMMBop – Hanson

Gangnam Style – Psy

Afternoon Delight – Starland Vocal Band (showcased hysterically in the movie Anchorman)

Do Ya Think Im Sexy – Rod Stewart

If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher



The Dorkiest Jokes

Note: there is literally billions of dorky jokes out there waiting for the telling. If you are a punchline forgetter like me then may I suggest your own joke handbag notebook to record those little gems for that inspire your laugh-snort.


Pair of jumper cables goes into a bar. The bartender says "we don't serve your kind here" Jumper Cables say "Ah come on, I won't start anything"


What's orange and sounds like a parrot? A. A carrot


What do you get when you cross a duck with cheese? A. Cheese and quackers.


How do you make a tissue dance? A. Put a little boogie in it.


Man goes down to the kitchen for a midnight snack. He opens the refrigerator, and there, lying in the crisper drawer is a rabbit eating a carrot.
"What are you doing here?" he asks.
The rabbit replied "This is a Westinghouse isn't it? I'm just westing."



I have learnt to embrace my inner dork; I don’t take myself or my reactions too seriously.


Removing the pressure to be perfect all the time gives you room to relax and just be yourself.


Do things because they make you laugh and you enjoy them.


Even if they are dorky ;)



Please share in the comments below your best dorky influences and actions.


Emma xx


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Jaime on January 16, 2015
I feel like you wrote this blog for me! So many of those dorkiest songs are My Songs! Love it, great Blog!!

Sarah Jensen on November 01, 2014
I love this post Emma! I'm an uber dork too and proud of it. The day I embraced my dork was a HUGE relief because it meant I could stop trying to be something I wasn't and embrace my magnificent dork-dom. I celebrate my dorkiness loud and proud by listening to really dorky music, loving life in my PJs and regularly busting out a 'running man' because I can.