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One Day that can make your Life Better.



There are days when you wake up and just can’t face the music.


Maybe life has gotten a little too busy, you have an argument with someone, and your inner mojo is flatter than cardboard.


We push ourselves so hard to do, adapt, achieve, grow and succeed. This constant nudging to a greater place is hard work.


This thing that we now call a life has become.... well hard work.






What if every now and then you took a day?


A day to slowly relax every muscle in your body, including your mind.


A day to put your busy thoughts back into compartments of achievable order.


A day to close your eyes and dream about nothing... or everything.


A day to breathe out.


A day just for you.



This day has many names. Mental health day, me day, recovery day, cheat day or simply - my day!

It doesn't really matter what we call it, we just need to have one - regularly.



This day has many benefits.

We reduce stress.

We perform better.

We have clarity of purpose.

We practice self-care/respect.

We are able to better cope with tougher situations.

We restore the emotional energy needed to handle a busy life.

We have better relationships.



How do you have a My Day?


Your day needs just that, a day. Be it an impromptu decision once you open your eyes that morning or a day scheduled next week is absolutely ok.


Plan your day. If your intention is to lay in bed watching old Elvis movies and eating corn chips - go for it. If you plan to go to the beach, lay in the sun reading a book - love it. If you want to go for a random drive or play in the garden - own it.


This is your day to do nothing…. except something you enjoy.


By planning your day there is less risk of letting "busy life" sneak in and have you checking emails or washing dishes.



Our TOP 10 My Day Idea's



Get amongst nature.

Indulge in your favourite hobby.

Get kitchen creative.

Cafe's and Shops.


Mediate/Relaxation Exercise

Do that "I have been wanting to try that forever" experience.

Visit a new place like the local wineries, the lake, new towns etc.

Potter around the house and lovingly nest.



The Rules

No Guilt.

No Chores.

No Recriminations from either self, partners or family.

Recognition of necessity/value.


Now will you take your day?





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Rachel on July 03, 2015
I am sitting here reading this blog, with a migraine after a full on week I need a me day for sure! I intend to book that in for next Saturday the 11th. No social media. no phones. No work (I have a full on day job and a full on blog). Thank you for making me realise that I need this I will be checking out your blog more often!