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Sort Shit Out List


You know when you are in that funk and all you see is grey. You’re lucky to come out from under the covers let alone get handle on what life is throwing at you. You are alone and have every negative thought sitting on your shoulders like a weightlifters bar.


This is where the MeManagement Sort Shit Out List comes into play. This list tackles the inner circle of emotional influence. It can pull all the good elements back into alignment and get you feeling back in control.


So sit up and make a plan to sort shit out.


1.  Your Appearance


Go have a shower. You can’t beat a bad mood funk if, and I mean this in the kindest way, you look like crap and possibly even smell a little bad. Take a shower and scrub up. Shave, shampoo, condition and exfoliate. But don’t stop there. Do your hair and style it up. Next head to the wardrobe and put on your feel good outfit. Accessorise and admire your handwork.


You have to admit it is a heck of a lot harder to feel bad when you look so good!


2.  Your Space


If your environment is cluttered and messy then you mind will be too. It’s time to clean house and fall back in love with your space. Start with clean linen then vacuum mop and wipe the house down. Grab the garbage bags and donate/throw/sell all the unnecessary items. Open the windows and project your best Martha Stewart organisation skills.


Once clean then add a few feel good items. Plants are brilliant to freshen both the air and the feel of a room. A new picture/throw/ cushion can add a great feel for minimal investment. Transform the chaos into a home you love. Feel comfortable and inspired by your refreshed space.



3. Your Consumption


When we feel down our dietary habits tend to head south too. We have all had a guilt ridden emotional fridge raid. Or at the other end, loss of appetite as food (or anything for that matter) holds little enticement.


Supplying your body with nutritious wholesome food will energise and replenish you. Sit down and write a meal plan for the next week and hit the shops. Plan scrumptious meals with absolute yumm factor. Be creative and try new foods. Get your palate excited as you dabble in the culinary arts of the kitchen.  


Don’t forget hydration is just as important as food. Dehydration can compound the symptoms of anxiety and depression so make H2O a huge priority.



4.  Your Planner


A very successful entrepreneur stated if it’s not scheduled - then it’s not real”. You need to take back control of your life immediately. Sit with a planner and make it happen. This is the perfect time to make appointments, prioritise your tasks, schedule exercise and most importantly –

Make a plan for feel good activities. We call it My Time!


Once you have a plan then stick to it. Even if it’s a day at a time to begin with. Small steps. There is plenty of time to look at the long term plans of the retirement in Bora Bora.



5.  Your People


Thoughts can feel heavier than wet mud. The ear of a good friend, family member, partner or a kick arse health professional, can help to hose down the muck and let the good thoughts shine again.


Get on the phone or open the door and start the conversation with “hey, I’m feeling like crap and think I should talk to someone I trust”. I guarantee you the person you chose will be honoured to listen.


Remember the people around you are there for a reason – they care about you.



6.  Your Physical


I get that when the world is grey it’s hard to find motivation for the bare essentials let alone exercise. But here is the thing – exercise will make you feel better. Science supports all those “get your runners on” messages.


Getting sweaty will make you feel better.


The trick here is not to do any old physical activity. Do something you love. Pound your feelings out on the bag, race your demons on the bike, feel your heart beat to the music as you dance, Shout at the world as you hike to the top. Are you getting the gist? Have an emotional connection to you activity.


See our post on Exercise is not My Time – unless it is.



7.  Your Goals


There is a certain excitement in goals, and it’s not actually all in the achievement. You can get an awesome shot of feel-good in just planning. Planning is the first step of getting to where you want to be.


Start small to begin with letting the inspiration kick in. Get out of bed early for a week. A holiday to the coast. Catch up with your friends more often. Put them down on paper and share with a friend.

If you commit your goal to paper you are 80% more likely to be successful in achieving that goal than those who just mentally decide to take action.


There will be time to tackle the big goals. Investment properties, major weight loss, children, be debt free, travel the world and so on. The world is waiting for you. When you’re ready let the goals become as big as your dreams will allow.



8. Your Finances


Money can be a major source of stress and anxiety. Sit and spend a few hours getting very clear on your financial position. If you don’t have one in use already then it’s time to do a budget. There are lots of budget templates online you can download for free. Or see a finance professional of you feel to out of depth or your finances are complicated.


A budget is going to give you a sense of control and momentum.


You will be able to see where you can achieve and treat yourself.  To have financial control of your life you can attain a freedom that many don’t have access to. Grab the calculator and sort your cash.



9.  Your Job


Recent Gallup research revealed that an alarming percentage of Australians are somewhat, or even actively, disengaged with their work, meaning not only do they dislike their workplace but make efforts to sabotage it. Currently only 18% of Australians are truly happy and engaged in their work.


We spend a lot of hours at work and that a whole lot of unhappy time if you don’t like your job. You can make the choice to continue on hating your job… but that wouldn’t be sorting shit out.


This leaves two choices – choose your attitude and make this the best job it can be. Challenge yourself to really engage and perform in your role. The other option is to prepare the resume and find the job you do want. Either way you have the opportunity to make a change in a significant part of your life today.



10.  Your Reflection


You can be the meanest person to yourself. You are your own worst critic and your inner hecklers needle at every insecurity you have. Your internal monologue can be nasty and malicious. 


It is time to stop that shit and have another look.


You are worthy of happiness love and hope.


You are stronger than you think.


You are smarter than you think.


You are BETTER than you think.



So sort shit out and fall back in love with your fabulous self today. You deserve it!


Emma xx





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hardeep on February 16, 2015
Wow-this is just what I needed today. THANK YOU!! Reading this post has given me the kick I need! Thanks Emma x

Bev Hughes on January 12, 2015
Emma, your concept of "sort shit out list" is so relevant. We can become so myopic, intensely focused on routine and getting bogged down with life that when the depression state hits we are unable to cope. Thank you, your list is a wake up call.

Megan on October 25, 2014
This is a really great post. I like how you structured it like a checklist. And I totally agree, you feel better if you look good.

Rebecca on October 25, 2014
Lovely post! I definitely needed this wake up call today as I've been struggling lately! Thank you so much! -Rebecca

Damien on October 20, 2014
Always an inspiration to read such straight forward, clear and really motivating advice. You are truly making a difference Emma, keep up the spectacular work. xx