The Universe can be a Bitch. Image
The Universe can be a Bitch.


Today I make the decision to be fabulous.


I am going to be in a great mood, do brilliant things and engage with the wonderfully fabulous people in my life. This is the mind-set I am choosing as I lay cocooned in my bed blankets. I smile, take a deep breath and bounce out of bed.


I picture the lady in the coffee advert, bouncing out of bed elated with the world as she smells the enticing aroma of her brewing coffee.


First reality check as I pass the mirror. My step falters slightly. Wow - Hello Mufasa.


Hit the kitchen for a green smoothie packed with multiple life enhancing ingredients and organic veggie omelette. Fridge is a little bare so substitute with vegemite toast and a cup of instant coffee. Mood is still high as I bask in the morning light in the quiet kitchen.


"Muummmm Muuuuuuummmmmmmmm there is wee in my bed."


What ensues for the next 26 minutes is a maelstrom of wet sheets, exploding microwave porridge, iron marks in new black shirt, nursing a bruised forehead after tackling the door jamb whilst dancing with a lone toy truck in the MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY.


Breathe. ooommm #@$% oooommm


Today I danced with the morning devil and won. I am battle weary (and look it), though have retained my determination to be fabulous. Note that husband did not make me aware of mascara on cheek, leaving me with scary racoonish appearance. Forgive for now and punish later.


Morning of reports, writing, packaging and general work. Busy with only sparing thoughts of positive mindset.


A productive morning. Mood - check. Fabulousness - check.


Computer snarls and proceeds to devour three hours of work in less than a micro second. Refrain from punching screen and having complete volcanic explosion of frustration and tears.


Breathe. Unclench. Breathe.


IT Geek God challenges demonic computer whilst I cuddle a coffee mug in the corner. IT God announces victory and life moves on.


Happiness Richter 9.5


After a few more hours of productive work time this fabulous day is about to be taken to the next level. Massage.


Sprinting into the salon I am immediately calmed by the soothing smells, music and ambience. My softly spoken masseuse leads me to the bed of intended bliss. Here I find complete contentment as the knots kinks and aches are kneaded away. Fall asleep within fifteen minutes therefore missing forty five minutes of enjoyment. Feeling slightly jipped, though definitely more flexible.


Feeling really good and proud of my dedication to feeling great.


Day-care run. Don't manage sidle out before being accosted for the daily rundown of my child's mischievous antics. Smile. Step left. Escape.


In the hope to share my fabulous mindset with my offspring we head for a milkshake. Caramel malt extra ice-cream cup of awesomeness. Shared straws, big smiles and overwhelming love.


Happy - check.


Homeward bound to start night routine. Cleaning, washing, tidying, cooking, eating, cleaning, scrubbing, bathing, reading and sleep.


Social media, product post, photo edits, invoice entry and ring mum.


Collapse on lounge with eyeballs rolling slightly towards back of head.


As I sit here thinking of my day husband walks over with a bucket o' wine. Decide to forget the mascara lapse and snuggle in.


I sit and review my intentions and the resulting day.


I tried to have a great day.


Bits were good and bits were bad. I didn't harm, destroy or scare anybody which is a big plus point. My intention to be happy was maintained all day. Yes the universe was a bitch in certain places, though she also made me smile and laugh.


The Universe is a bit like me - Can be a bit mental, but intentions are good and smiles are strong. I strongly believe that whilst I make the effort to be healthy and happy there will be a solid chance I actually will be. My resolve is stronger tonight than it was this morning, even after a few hiccups along the way.


Tomorrow will be a good day, because I am going to make it that way.


Before bed I sneak in for a last kiss on the softest cheek in the world.


Breathe. Smile. Content.




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