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Twenty Ways to Make Your Home Happy




Your casa can elevate a great mood or enfold you into a mojo sucking whirlpool of doldrums. A little dramatic but my point is your home can be crucial to a happy healthy lifestyle. We have assembled a list of twenty ideas to get your abode feeling comfortable stress-free and loved up.


  1. 1. Make your bed

    As your bed is, so your head will be also. A messy-looking bed with crumpled up sheets and doona is not a relaxing sight to come home to. Even if it’s just pulling up the doona to disguise the disarray underneath, make your bedroom look like the calming sanctuary it’s meant to be.


  2. 2. Put your sentimental items out for all to see

    One reason that experiences (and memories of those experiences) make us happier than material things is due to the entire cycle of enjoyment that experiences provide: planning the experience, looking forward to the experience, enjoying the experience, and then remembering the experience. Make your home a gallery of positive memories.


  3. 3. Spend money on items that bring you joy

    If you love dinner parties then invest in a dining table to host your crowd. If you love movies then invest in an outdoor screen for the backyard for cinema under the stars suburban style. If you love exercise then install a home gym. Invest in a home that makes you happy because it suits you.


  4. 4. Green Clean and Happy

    Houseplants help clean the air we breathe. Plus looking at them can make us just plain happier. More and more studies show that taking care of plants can be an efficient method to improve the physical and emotional general condition. Plants have a serene effect that can reduce stress and relax muscles and therefore improve the moods of those in their surroundings. A vase of flowers can be as effective as a potted plant.

    Don’t forget a garden outside can further induce a happy home. A space that grows things, can be a healing space. Gardening is a great stress reducing tool. Add to the fact that if you grow vegetables and more, you can actually eat right from your garden and nothing gets fresher than that.


  5. 5. Love it… I mean actively go love it

    When it comes to being happier in your home, sometimes it's the big decisions that matter most — like learning to follow your heart. But sometimes it's the little things — like putting new soap in your bathroom, painting your front door or simply setting the table — that make the biggest difference. Pay attention to the small details, there is large amounts of happiness to be found here.


  6. 6. Create a sacred space

    Create a special place in your home for meditation, journaling, reading, and relaxation. A place where you can unwind and be comfortable. This could be a special reading nook, a day bed on the veranda, a big chair in the office.


  7. 7. Remove & Simplify

    We all have too much stuff these days but rather than bringing us fulfilment, too many things can make us utterly miserable. Creating a clutter free home could well give you a sense of control and calmness. Get rid of things that are unused and simply taking up space. Tackle that closet that is overflowing, reduce down your kitchen utensils, give away or sell some shoes. Too much stuff can actually choke life out of us slowly but surely. De-clutter and relax in a larger more comfortable place.


  8. 8. Music

    If you’ve ever noticed that certain songs bring a smile to your face, you’re not alone. As it turns out, science has taken note, too. Research shows that listening to music makes already positive emotions even more intense, and upbeat music in particular can do great things for your mood.

    Have a good stereo that does your tunes of choice justice. Invest time into your collection to cater for all moods and occasions – smooth relaxation and meditation music can be just as essential as the rockin out variety. Head for the stereo remote rather than the TV to give yourself a little healthier mind space when you get home.


  9. 9. Smell

    Light a scented candle or two. Lavender, citrus scents are just some examples of scents that can be calming or invigorating. Candles are not the only option. You can used scented oils or incense sticks. Just be mindful of overdoing it.


  10. 10. Avoid the display home

    Forget perfection. Sometimes looking at photos of beautiful houses can make you feel anxious about perceived shortcomings in your own home. Feeling like your house could never live up to your dream standard? Start with something small. Whipping that junk drawer into shape or diving into a home project can be very inspiring. A real home must be lived in (and that means getting a little messy sometimes) to be happy.


  11. 11. Temperature

    Most studies recommend a happy home to have a temperature around 18.5ºC. If you have warm/cold spots then install fans and/or an air conditioner. In the cooler months have throws around to snuggle into, rugs on floors and attend to any drafts that may sneak in through windows or doors. Be comfortable enough not to think about if you are hot or cold.


  12. 12. Clean or get a cleaner

    You don’t have to be a neat freak, but keeping your house in some sort of order can instil you with a sense of calm. Studies have shown that house in disarray can increase stress levels negatively impacting both physical and mental health.

    If you have neither time nor inclination then invest in a cleaner to visit your home weekly or fortnightly to do it for you. This may be one of the best investments in you happiness that you make.


  13. 13. Natural Light

    Bad lighting equals sadness, and that's no exaggeration. That's because the right light has a major impact on not only how your space looks, but also how it feels. Sometimes changing a fixture will work wonders in a drab room — other times it's just about easy optical illusions that add instant brightness. Strategically place mirrors to create the illusion of more light in an enclosed space. Open up the curtains, or use lighter fabrics to let light in. If you are building, consider designs that let in the most natural light.


  14. 14. Bake

    Real estate agents have long since used the smell of freshly baked bread or cakes to lull people into feeling at home in a place. The smell of baking or even cooking certain things can create feelings of comfort in people, so as much as possible, fill your home with these smells that evoke warm happy feelings.


  15. 15. Engage with your home first… remotes second.

    Try an easy de-stresser. Leave work at the door when you come into your house. Before you pick up the remote, do something unplugged, such as tending to your houseplants. This calm time provides ways your home can engage your senses and help you decompress.


  16. 16. Welcome

    When you arrive home the first view of your house (usually your front door) should inspire a warm welcome to a place you love. Paint your front door, have a favourite potted plant by the door, spend time cultivating a nice front garden and don’t forget a great welcome mat.


  17. 17. Get Arty

    Beautiful artwork or photography can enliven your home with colour and emotion. Choose your art so it resonates with your personality and the theme of the house. Better yet pull out a fresh canvas and create your own.


  18. 18. Sleep Haven

    Getting your bedroom right is crucial to creating a home that promotes a happy mentality. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety.

    Setting up your bedroom for sleep is easy. Avoid blue lights and bright lights from alarm clocks or electrical points. Have fresh linen regularly and a clean/clutter free room that is an inviting space to relax in. Don’t forget that the television is best left in the lounge room.


  19. 19. Compatibility

    Your home should reflect you. If you love to read then bookshelves and reading lounges are a must. If you like meditation and yoga set up serene room to practice. If you love to cook then your kitchen must cater for your culinary arts. The way you decorate and furnish your home should be an extension of your own personality. You should be comfortable happy and relaxed in your home.


  20. 20. Choose your Attitude

    You can live in your greatest dream home and still be unhappy. Ultimately you make the choice to enjoy your surroundings and make the most of the home you have created.


Hoping we have inspired a little home love in this post. Please leave a comment below of how you have made your house happier today.



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Julie on February 08, 2015
Some great tips there - guess I should start with number 1!!! Okay I'm off now to make my bed and maybe lie in it :)