Wholly Crap and Hello there! Image
Wholly Crap and Hello there!

So nervous, so excited, so scared, so empowered and soooo happy.

Welcome to the first MeManagement blog post.

There is so much I want to share, explain and tell you, to the point I’m bursting at the verbal seams. So I will start with small. Yep small!

However, a little background first. I have spent my entire life going large. I have travelled the world, lived in incredible countries, had a successful career, married to a gorgeous GQ man, I scuba dived, I bungeed, I jumped out of planes and I adventured.

Then one day I couldn’t do anything that made me happy.

There was nothing in my life that made me happy. I felt alone empty and worthless. All I wanted to do was hide and cry. I faked it for a while, but behind closed doors I was absolutely broken. I had depression. Me! And yes my denial phase was huge.

I have spent a lot of time, energy, tears and research in putting myself back together. It was during this journey that I discovered the most incredible positive power of the small. Small steps, small changes and at first even small thoughts.

Keeping my world simple and small, gave me a newfound appreciation for the potential in every minute of every day.

Let me give you an example. When I wake up in the morning my first thought can dictate my entire day. One small thought has the power to influence my life for the next 24 hours. Incredible! When that first thought is negative or throwing a pity party… well we know where this leads. A bad day is coming up.

Now when that thought can make you smile before you even open your eyes it feels great. Your day is heading towards fabulous and nothing is going to touch your positive mood. So much power in this small thought.

Another small – breakfast! I used to be the “cup of coffee when I got to work” sort of girl. By 11am I was tired, grumpy and hungry which led to a carb-load lunch and a sugar low afternoon. Make a small change and feel the difference of having a sit down breakfast of muesli w/ fruit or juicing beautiful fresh produce. Energy levels sky rocket, taste buds are alive and you are ready to attack the day. A small change in 15 minutes of morning routine just made my world a whole lot happier.

Good tip – make breakfast preparations the night before.

In my journey I found the greatest small of all – My Time!

A small portion of my day is set aside to do something that makes me feel good. This small was a bit harder to plan than I first thought. I allowed a ½ hour per day (at least) to let my inner Emma breathe out and enjoy. I have to confess at first I would sit in my big reading chair, under the guise of relaxing, and let my negative thoughts go to town. Often finishing my relax time feeling flatter and worse than ever.

It was at this point that I realised My Time needed a plan. So I wrote down all those things that made me feel good. Every single activity that gave me that “happy” hit. I then researched website after book, after journal, after blog after…. you get the picture.

There was so much information out there that was supposed to make me feel good. It soon became overwhelmingly “large”.

So I went small…. Cup of tea with my mum (I am blessed with the best kick arse awesome inspiring mother in the world – and she is so reading this with her pom poms waving!!!). I sat in the sun and read Donna Hay and Instyle magazines. I cooked my favourite recipes with Muppet chef inspiration.

I cuddled my husband – often! I made the professional appointments I needed. So what started out as effort, My Time became my essential key to keeping my mojo on the up. Small hits of feel good!

All these small things encouraged me to control my happiness. The infinite possibilities in my day-to- day life was so empowering. A small ½ hour per day of me doing something for me. So simple, so small and yet so life-changing.

There are so many small changes I have made to manage depression and maintain a true satisfying happiness.


I would love to share with you my top ten smalls:

  1. ½ hour per day of “My Time”

  2. Spend time with people who love and inspire you.

  3. Get into a good night routine – no technology in the bedroom.

  4. Plan all your meals for health and absolute yummy factor.

  5. Cuddle LOTS.

  6. Exercise outside in the fresh air.

  7. Plan - calendar, dreams, goals, tomorrow, adventure or anything at all.

  8. Journal – writing gives your thoughts clarity.

  9. Find a bliss activity (mine is yoga).

  10. Create an environment you love (clean-up).


When I created MeManagement, my goal was to share the tools and methodology I used to find my most contented self. Turned out as I started to share the concept with people I also received stories in return. The stories of how people felt the same as I did. The stories of how they overcame their inner hecklers and stories of how they became inspired to find their own small changes.

I am so passionate about my business that even as I sit here, I have a goofy grin on my face. I hope that by reading this today you also feel inspired to change a small in your life.

 Thank you so much for joining me on my first blog post and I can’t wait to say hi again real soon.

Emma xx



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Julie on September 13, 2014
Thank you for sharing Emma.. Motivating and so honest. Well written. My small changes will start with my first thought for the day. Looking forward to next blog!

Peta on September 10, 2014
Love love love!!! So can't wait to read more posts! Xxx

Beverley Hughes on September 09, 2014
Inspirational Emma. Your story has the potential to light up the world and make a difference.