Happy Hit List

Your Happy Hit List is a "go to" list of activities that make you feel happy. If you are feeling a little down or overwhelmed then go to your prepared list and pick an activity to do. If your partner has a Happy Hit List and you know they need a Happy Hit; use the list and organise it. The list is yours to create change and choose. Update it regularly to keep it fresh and interesting. Here are some Happy Hits we have used.

1. Cuddle,
or Kiss
2. Yoga
3. 10 minutes in the sun - Vitamin D Hit 4. Cup of tea and magazine 5. Meditate
  6. Bubble bath 7. Read a book
8. Head to a coffee shop   9. Shop - retail therapy
10. Exercise,
or Run
11. Play with animals 12. Tickle the kids
13. Take a nap 14. Get yourself a bunch of flowers 15. Catch up with a friend
  16. Get a massage 17. Go for a Drive
18. Research Bucket List ideas 19. Pamper
or Pedicure
20. Take the scenic route
21. Download a funny episode 22. Random act of kindness 23. Gardening
24. Have a plan free day   25. Bike Ride
26. Swim in the ocean 27. Listen to music 28. Dance
29. Plan a
or Adventure
  30. Eat,
or Bake
something special
31. Play a team sport 32. Play a game 33. Spend time on your hobby
34. Go to the movies 35. Walk in the forest or along the beach 36. Girls or Boys night
37. Ring your best friend   38. Revisit old photo albums
  39. Play your instrument 40. Have a good conversation with your partner
41. Decorate a room 42. Watch a cheesy movie 43. Make that appointment you need
44. Create a feel-good music playlist 45. Create a feel-good mood board 46. De-Clutter/Spring clean
  47. Build, design or refurbish 48. Create a Happy corner
49. Visit a new place   50. Write a Happy Hit List