The MeManagement Concept

Aaaahhhh moments are essential! Yeehaaa experiences are necessary and feel good time is vital!

So we manage our work, relationships, family, chores, friends, diet, finance, exercise, homework; the list is endless! Often so busy managing all of these tasks that we forget the fundamentals - managing ourselves and our own happiness.

We end up feeling discontent, unhappy or even dealing with depression. There is risk of becoming so caught up in these negative feelings that we are unable to find the decisive actions to feel better.

MeManagement provides simple stationery tools; a range designed to make your mental health and happiness a priority. The stationery will help you to be across key areas of everyday life that can affect your emotional well-being. Being aware of how goals, planning, food, sleep, exercise and emotional management can lead to you feeling great. They are more than happiness tools or depression tools – it’s a lifestyle change.

MeManagement will remind and allow you to schedule time out for yourself. This planned "My Time" provides you with the energy, positive outlook and emotional stability to best deal with your busy lifestyle. It can be as easy as planning a cup of tea in the sun or as tremendous as jumping out of a plane. MeManagement is a form of emotional management; when you are happy you make better use of your time and are more productive.

The journey of MeManagement is broken down into three phases:

The MeManagement tools are simple in stationery form, promoting the priority of self-care.

We tend to rely on our big picture goals to attain a happy balanced life, and forget the everyday potential. Start with a small amount of time each day to do something just for you. Use the tools to recognise and manage your emotions. Let them enable you to take action and develop towards a better way of life.

Our range may also be that inspirational gift for the special person in your life who may need a boost to find their lifestyle balance. Sometimes a little push of encouragement from a partner, family or friend can help find the key actions to increase a loved one’s happiness and emotional well-being.

Practice Me Management and schedule your ‘My Time’.